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Private Dog Walks

We provide private neighborhood dog walks. This is a great service for the person who does not have time to walk their dog due to a busy schedule. Most walks are about 30 minutes and up to two dogs at a time. Prices start at $20 per walk.


In our private grooming shop, we can groom one dog at a time or a family of dogs. We can give your dog the individual attention it deserves. You do not have to wait all day to have your dog groomed like some other grooming shops. We do not charge extra for nail trimming or special shampoos and conditioners. All grooming is by appointment only, so please call for next available time. Rates start at $45 for bath only and $60 for full clipper cut grooming.
Cat grooming is a mobile service only. We groom the cat at your house. Call for appointment. Starts at $60 per hour.

Pet Sitting

We provide drop-in pet sitting in your home. Are you going on vacation or a business trip and worried about who is going to take care of your pet? We can provide one, two, or three visits per day. We will give food, water, and medications to your pet, scoop poop, and pick up mail and news paper. For dog owners, we will walk your dog in the neighborhood.
We service all pets; dogs, cats, birds, fish, pocket pets, and reptiles. We also provide medical nursing for sick cats and dogs. Such as, insulin injections, sub-Q fluids, etc. Prices start at $20 per visit. Extra for 3 or more animals and medical nursing.


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